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Minnesota is a state located in the Midwestern United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Minnesota is the 22nd most populous state with 5,519,952 inhabitants but the 14th largest by land area spanning 79,626.74 square miles (206,232.3 km2) of land. Minnesota is divided into 87 counties and contains 853 incorporated cities, with populations ranging from 422,331 (Minneapolis to  Saint Paul. The Twin Cities metro areas.

Saint Paul and Minneapolis Have more Contract for deed homes than any other cities in Minnesota.

Where can I find a company to purchase any home I want to pick out?

There is a program with MN lakeplace co to purchase any home of your choice.

How this program works is the buyer can pick out any home of choose preferably with in an hour of the twin cities metro area.

  1. The buyer will have to put down 20-25% of the sale price of the home.
  2. credit not an issue.
  3. MN lakeplace co will purchase the home and sell it back to buyer.
  4. Example $20,000 sale price MN lakeplace co buys home for this price and adds a 10% charge on top of that which is financed into the contract for deed.
  5. NO prepayment penalties buyers can refinance or sell home any time.
  6. MN lakeplace co will finance home 3-5 years with a possibility to extend contract.All terms will be written into the contract.
  7. Payments are made automatically from buyers bank to lenders bank so there should not be any late fees.
  8. 651-334-8312 Steve Vennemann for all contract for deed questions feel free to text us anytime.




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