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With tighter lending standards banks are making it hard for home buyers to qualify. With home prices on the rise it has been harder for the average home buyer to get a mortgage. Fha mortgage premiums are higher than they have ever been. Families are now looking at going with a better route to find thier dream home. Buying or selling a home on a contract for deed puts more money in the pockets of sellers and buyers buy paying Less closing costs.

Banks are looking at buyers credit worthiness first if they dont like what they see they wont do the loan. Getting a loan is still difficult there is alot of private money coming in the markets but not fast enough. With new loan regulations making it very hard for buyers to purchase a property.

Central Minnesota Saint Paul owner financed  homes -Minneapolis contract for deed houses- We have owner financing in Minnesota all locations- Northern Minnesota contract for deed homes-Southern Minnesota contract for deed homes-western Minnesota contract for deed homes-Eastern Minnesota contract for deed homes.

Do I need good credit?  No

  It is similar to a mortgage except the owner of the property is giving the buyer financing direct instead of a applying with Mortgage company.

  Buyers will make monthly payments to owner of the property.

 Every month a portion of the payment is applied towards interest and principal first.

There is no prepayment penalty for contract for deed financing in Minnesota it is against the law to charge one.

 Most contract contract for deeds are based on a 30 year amortization schedule.

A typical seller financed contract for deed home in Minnesota the buyer can expect the owner to financed their property for 3 to 5 years on average with interest rates ranging between 6% to 6.5% with about 10% down of the sale price of the home. Rates and the down payments are different with each owner offering Cd financing terms.

The end of the your contract for deed there will be a Balloon payment with remaining balance of the contract for deed will be owed to the seller and will be due at the end of cd term as agreed in the contract which the buyer will refinance through a mortgage lender or will pay off the contract or in cash. The buyer also has the option to sell the property and retain all the profits above the amount he or she owes on the contract. 


There are still alot of beautiful houses you can buy contract for deed if you have money to put down. We help buyers with credit challenging situations. Cd financing is great for self employed buyers who cannot get a Mortgage with Lack of job history or relocation had a short sale or Relocating from another country or state -Foreclosure no problem Bankruptcy not an issue.

 Yes there are a few programs with less money down but the purchaser is very limited to areas and homes they can buy. Those properties are usually located in Saint paul and Minneapolis. 

Where can I find a contract for deed homes?

Search all counties on our site.

"Important tip"

Search our listings updated daily. If you dont see what you are seeking let us know we have access to other properties. We do not recomend having an investor buying a home for you and selling it back to you on a contract for deed. Those investors charge a premium for buying the property for the buyer usually 10% more than the asking price.

Example a buyer wants to buy a home for say $100,000 the investor buys the home and sells it on a cd to the buyer for say $110,000-$130,000 that is a lot of money to pay to get a certain home. We have alot of great properties daily available and you dont have to pay a premium. 

We prefer to deal with the owners directly or a real estate agent. The closing can happen alot faster than a typical home sale. Less hurtles to overcome.

I have dealt with companies stating they will do a cd then push us off to a mortgage company who basicly wants our clients to get pre approved thru a fha program.

That makes no sense if the home buyer was going to do that they would just go look at every house available not just contract for deed properties and we would be happy to do that for the buyer with out going thru the program.

Be aware of your cd options there are alot of properties you can see not limited to a few cities such as St.Paul or Minneapolis. Some special housing programs are only for cities who have been hard hit by the foreclosure Crises.  We service the entire state of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Working with a knowledgable broker is a must I cant stress this enough. Our company will find you a home in what ever city or county you want to live in if there are properties for sale contract for deed we will find them for you. We have more listings to view than what you see on our site. We also approach sellers who are not offering owner financing to see if they will entertain the idea of financing their property for the buyer.

Most Sellers have no idea how a contract for deed works and need guidance that is where we come in. We teach sellers how to sell their property and get the results they are looking for. Our company likes to work on a 1 to 1 basis with you we want to earn your business for life and make sure the buying or selling process goes as smooth as possible.

Buying a Mn home contract for deed is the best option out there if you cannot get a mortgage. It is lot better rent to own or leasing. No reason to rent a home if you can buy a property.

If you have a little bit of money to put down we recommend looking at Rent to own or Lease options. The amount of money you need down for these type of options can vary per owner. 

Getting a Mortgage is always the best way to buy a home if that is possible. The buyer gets a lower rate the lenght of the mortgage is longer than a contract for deed.

Why would a buyer want to buy a home on a contract for deed?

You save money on closing costs.

The buyer doesnt have to supply alot of financial information nor do they have to have good credit.  

Closing can be very quickly as fast as a week if you have the purchase offer fully executed. We can get the house closed fast if needed. 

We prefer buyers to look at homes 60-90 days out from when they want to move into their new home. We want to make the home buying process a great experience so this time frame is the best for everyone.

Find homes for sale contract for deed in all the counties below just click on the button on the right of this page where you see the location you want to live in very simple.

Pine -Mille lacs-Isanti -Chisago - Anoka -Washington -Ramsey -Hennepin Wright -Carver -Scott -Dakota-Sherburne- Counties.

If the home buyer wants to Save money on closing costs and have less money to put down Close the sale at the end of a month so you dont have to pay all the interest for that month.

Real Estate taxes and the house payments usually are prorated from the day of closing.

Our company specializes in these types of properties. We have been in business sense 1996. Based in Saint Paul, MN.

What types of properties can I buy?

Town houses-Single family-condos-lake homes –Deeded access-Hobby farm-New construction. 

Can investors buy homes contract for deed. Yes.

If you have thought of investing in real estate but dont want to go thru the mortgage channels than this is the way for you.  In most situations less money down than a lender. Let the property pay it self off.

 MN Contract for deeds can be challenging so why not work with the best?

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  •  Contract for deed sales are up sense 2008. St.paul contract for deed homes and Minneapolis have been booming. But dont forget to view the cities truth n housing report and make sure there are no hazzard items on the report that are expensive to fix. We recommend the home buyers get a complete home inspection by a licensed home inspector. 
  • A contract for deed is an arrangement that bennefits the buyer with the seller extending credit or financing on a property. The seller retains legal title to the property.
  • The buyer can take possesion of the property right away. The buyer will homestead the property unless the buyer is an investor than not likely unless they are occupying the property. 
  • No origination fees-typically No application fees. Purchase money Mortgages are when a seller sells thier home contract for deed and usually has a mortgage on their property.

Selling a home contract for deed is a great option for the seller

TIPs for sellers offering contract for deed terms.

1. Cash flow.

2. Higher rate of return than a banking account.

3. Do not have to deal with renters.

4. No maintenace.

5. Buyer pays home taxes and utilities.

6. A large percentage of home sales from 2010-2014 have been contract for deed.

We can sell your contract for deed.

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